The grounds at Walsingham

The pilgrimage has for many centuries been a journey undertaken by Christians throughout the world. A pilgrimage is a devotional act which takes us to a sacred location, venerated by generations of Christians, as a special place of holiness and healing.

Here, in Great Britain, one of the most deeply blessed places of pilgrimage is at Little Walsingham, a village in the north of Norfolk. Here, The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham plays host to thousands of pilgrims every year. At St. Peterís, we make our pilgrimage to Walsingham at the end of May, along with hundreds of other parishes throughout the land. At the end of August, there is also an opportunity for parishioners to attend the Pilgrimage for Healing and Wholeness at the shrine. The Vicar of St Peterís is a Priest Associate of Walsingham.