Stations of the Cross, St Peterís Church

As Christians, we are ďonly humanĒ, and this means that we all make mistakes, and we all get things wrong, sometimes deliberately. The sacrament of reconciliation, sometimes called Confession, is available at St Peterís, administered by the parish priest.

Spirituality is deepened by engaging with the scriptures, by reading, by reflection and by prayer and meditation. Not least, our ongoing journey of faith is nurtured by regularly attending the Holy Eucharist, where we are constantly fed with the spiritual food of Christís loving presence among us. At the Sunday Parish Mass, the Word of the Gospel is preached in a straightforward, down to earth way.

New members of St Peterís are supported, spiritually and personally, when they are invited to become part of a friendship group.

During Lent, the season of self-denial, and self-appraisal, we meet together regularly in groups, to help deepen our faith in a disciplined and formal way.

Members of St Peterís are encouraged to make a pilgrimage at least once a year, whether to a shrine such as Our Lady of Walsingham, or to our Mother Church, the great Cathedral of St Paulís.